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Our Mission

The world of technology can be fast-paced and scary, or so that's what technology companies would have you believe. Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience that is tailored to your company's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service..
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Web Design & Development

Need a brand new website or refresh one that’s been around

~flexible, future proof design~



Lets get you selling online.  We are 

Shopify partners the fastest growing eCommerce platform

~Simplify Commerce~


Brand Lab

Lets build your Brand to get you known across the Internet

~Get Recognized~



We’ll organically increase your traffic to stay ahead of competition

~Get found~


Business Process Management

From the unique ideas of startups… to the automation, workflow, and reporting needs of growing enterprises…

~Optimized Solutions~


App Development

Custom affordable applications for PC, Android or Apple. Effectively connect different end systems, perform data transformations and apply business logic, seamlessly integrating and automating intricate business settings

~Build your App~


About us

ElemenTek didn’t start in a coffee shop or over a couple of beers like the overplayed millennial commercials we’ve seen. ElemenTek started with a like minded group of individuals from a wide array of backgrounds, fortune 500 companies, real estate developers, startups, college nerds, etc. What do we have in common? We are artists and creative folk who just happen to be computer geeks and great problem solvers. We get to the root issue quickly and affordably. We are an agile, data driven design studio ready to develop your corner of the internet.

Our Process

Our basic packages include

1. Consulting & Planning Sessions
2. Design & Development
3. Step by Step Demo
4. Testing
5. Documentation
6. Training

Lets start with a free 30 minute consultation.

Are you ready? Let’s create....

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